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These are list of transactions which i found very useful for Fiori Development, Sharing with all, Please add more if i have missed some.

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Small tip on launching Fiori Launchpad using transaction code. I think you can execute them only from Fiori gateway systems. Rohit Mahajan. Posted on October 20, Less than a 1 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Hi All, These are list of transactions which i found very useful for Fiori Development, Sharing with all, Please add more if i have missed some.

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October 20, at pm. Thanks for sharing this.

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Regards, Sarbjeet Singh. Like 0. Monika Patel. Former Member. October 21, at am. Very convenient, thank you! Chandrashekhar Mahajan. February 10, at am. Thank you for sharing this. Christoph Sting. October 19, at pm. Regards, Christoph. April 7, at pm. Like 1. Shashidhar Shetty. April 15, at am. Hi Rohit, Can you please post the below link again? Its not opening. Small tip on launching Fiori Launchpad using transaction code Regards, Shashidhar.

Auxesky Jean-Louis. June 20, at pm. Jorge Monteiro. November 30, at am.This document will show you how to configure it step by step and explain some of the business processes around it. This page has been created in a way where it is easy for you to navigate through all the configuration steps. Or you can also go through each individual lesson by clicking on the table of contents below to go to any lesson directly. This lays down the base of the configuration. Even if you don't understand a step fully, go ahead and set it up and it might make sense later on.

If it doesn't, leave a comment below and feel free to ask a question. Double click on Copy, Delete, check company code. It is easier to copy a company code from another one rather than creating one from scratch.

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Once that finishes, you will get a popup box where you have to enter the from and the to company code. Enter a company code from which you want to copy the settings. The standard one can be used. Enter the new company code that you want to create in the To Company code.

You can also click on the question mark next to the check box to get details of the message. It is a good practice to double click on any error and warning message and click on the question mark to get more details. You will see two tabs, one for selected activities. This shows the company code that you copied from. Double click on the company code.

T-code SE10 for SAP Beginners - How To View and Release SAP Transport Requests

Notice that the description says SAP A. G as that was the description of the company code you copied from. A chart of accounts is the highest level in the financial structure. One chart of accounts can be assigned to many company codes.

sap configuration tcode

Each company code can only be assigned to one chart of accounts. Once you copy the chart of accounts, you need to enter the new 4 character identifier for the chart of accounts.

After you enter the new values, Click on enter and you will see a message at the bottom of the screen showing you the number of screens copied. Remember to always look to assign the object you created with a previous object that was created.

This is something that repeats throughout configuration. You created a company code and a chart of accounts, but how does SAP know that they are linked to each other. You need to link them together in this step. The fiscal year variant determines the accounting periods that a company uses.

January will be the first accounting month for this company code and December will be last month. If it is year dependent, then a company could have April as month 1 of its accounting period.

sap configuration tcode

Note- The steps that are being listed are not necessarily in chronological order i. It is possible for e. It is required to finish all the steps before you start posting.SAP Tcodes configuration. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial. Create configuration Profile. LO - Variant Configuration.

ORK0 SAP tcode for – Configuration menu gen. controlling

Basis - RFC. Basis - User and Authorization Management. Basis - Transport Management System. Basis - Profile Maintenance. Basis - Table Maintenance Tool. Cross Application - Characteristics. Basis - Repository Browser. Basis - Workbench Utilities. SD - Account Determination. Maintain Pmnt Program configuration. FI - Financial Accounting.

SAML2 SAP tcode for – SAML 2.0 Configuration

SAP Solution Manager configuration s. SAML 2. Basis - Authentication and SSO. Security Audit configuration. Basis - Security. Task Manager for Tech. SPNego configuration. SAP Solution Manager: configuration. Service - Solution Manager Implementation. Maintain Accounting configuration. FI - Basic Functions. Variant configuration Modeling Envmt. Business Partner configuration Menu. SD - Basic Functions.Jun 10, SAP 0. The Tcodes required to perform walkthrough is huge and may be client and control specific.

Old versionof the same Tcode is SE I would recommend, using SE16N, as it is easy to use and you get to see all the fields which can be used to extract and Filter. Plethora of configurations which can be done. Hence the to reach to a particular config screen, you need to navigate through the drop down menus. There is no need to code. Everthing is managed through GUI. This is helpful when you wnat to extract data uing SE16N but scope fields are avaiable in more than 1 table.

Thus SQVI can help you to join these tables and let you speciyfilter options from 2 or more tables. SUIM will take you to list of forums which can be used to find users, roles, profile, authorization, authorization object, transaction, etc. The above screen shot is for SAP 7.

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The functionality is not very different. Just now the screen is divided into tabs for better parameter inputs. The Configuration of GL can be done at various levels. OBA7 is used to define Document Types. Document types are used to control and segregate transactions based on the business processes.

By default, SAP comes with plenty of standard document types. We also use this TCode to check number range configuration.

sap configuration tcode

Friends call me Techno Savvy Chartered Accountant. I work at EY in System Audit. Your email address will not be published.These T-Codes are hidden from the end user. Look as i said earlier each tcode is important. How you select these tcode as important tcodes? Whatever method you choose use the same method to select the other tcodes from the below given link. From this link you can find all the tcodes. Select the important ones.

As per my knowledge there is no such hidden t-codes are there in sap. Tcodes got their priority according to your project requirement. But yes the transaction which is used for administrative purpose always got high priority.

But these are admin t-codes and i am also new to SAP environment. That is why i want a complete list of these T-codes which are only known to the Admin People and which are not known hidden from the end user level.

As per your query you are not mentioned any t-code which is hidden in your system. As per SAP there are no hidden tcode. If you provide the main error which is comes in your system, pls put it here and get the solution.

How to find out T-code in different ways in SPRO

Not what you're looking for? Search community questions. This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted. Former Member. Posted on Jun 05, at AM Views. Thanks in Advance. Add comment. Related questions.The intent of this post is to summarize the relevant TCodes for posterity and to be used as a quick lookup. Gateway Runtime. Also allows you to simulate service execution. Here you can see which applications are in use, and how often they are called up. Gateway Design.

Parallelize Multi-Origin Composition. Configure WS Message-Based. I think this names are even longer than the allowed transaction name length….

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Hi Everyone! Great blog Paul. Customers are wondering about monitoring current active user sessions on Netweaver Gateway. Is there any way you know to achieve this? Or are you looking for some reporting telling you how many calls have been made to a certain service in the last hour, today, …?

Paul Aschmann. Posted on March 26, 2 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. As default the application log should only store one entry per request. In addition, there is no need to store these entries for more than a day or a few days. Application log cleanup is a standard requirement in productive systems and helps to improve the performance of the systems in your system landscape. You can also make use of the central Application Server analysis functions to identify issues such as performance problems in ICF applications.

This tool enables developers, administrators, support consultants, and end users to monitor system performance at service call level. It has been conceived for the code-based OData Channel and supports developers throughout the entire development life cycle of a service. Service Validation tool runs without user intervention and performs the runtime validation on a single service document.

Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Syam Babu. March 26, at pm. Hi Paul, Nice Blog. Thanks, Syam. Like 0.Whenever process any IMG activity by using T-code we can directly access the screen. Mostly will get it here, observe last 4 letters not for every IMG activity.

Sometimes even if we follow above step 5 we will not able to find correct T-code.

sap configuration tcode

Too useful information for how to find the t-code. I was knowing only the last way of obtaining the same. Thanks much again. Krishna Kumar. Posted on July 30, 2 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Comments and Suggestions are welcome Regards, Krishna Kumar. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post.

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