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You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information. Remember, Mega Audino Ex won worldsnobody expected that coming.

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Be ahead of the meta is a winning strategy. Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us. New Folder. Info Email. What Donald believes is the strongest decks in Standard right now.

Major deck checks of the meta. Very reliable setup and combo Damage solves almost everything. Colorless Decks. Traditional Drampa GX Deck. Divide GX helps somewhat. Weakness Silvally Gx Deck.

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Fairy Decks. Quickly and safely setups using Geomancy attack Can partner with many Fairy and Colorless attackers. Fire Decks. Solid Ho oh Gx. Old Fashion Volcanion eX.

Damage: 5. Fighting Decks. Dark Decks. Annoying Dark Box. Dragon Decks.

pokemon expanded decks 2020

Theme Deck Gone Wild Garchomp. Grass Decks. Grass Buzzwole GX Deck.

pokemon expanded decks 2020

Generic Golisopod GX Deck. Lightning Decks. Unloved Raichu GX Deck. Psychic Decks. Original Necrozma GX Deck. Steel Decks. Basic Solgaleo GX Deck. Persistent Greninja gx Deck.I am going to move into Standard with Malamar.

I know all the cards I need for this deck. But, if I were to build other decks, I would want to know where to start with my basic "staple" template.

The Strongest Pokemon Decks In Standard

Will cards like Bill's Analysis, and Cherish Ball become staples? It is still kind of early, but I want to start early because I have limited resources and once we get to standard, it may be too late. Your advice would also help me when it comes to cleaning the slate for on my What cards to invest in topic. I always appreciate advice on that. If it wasn't for this card I believe Reshizard would be in much worse state after the expansion.

After all, losing Kiawe, lele are guzma are big losses for the deck. However, seeing how well green variants have been doing and how little they are losing in rotation, I'm quite positive the deck will show up in big way during worlds and after. Also the fact that green can with custom catcher work as guzma makes it even better.

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Any deck that can play this card effectively now will definitely be playing it after rotation with many decks most likely adapting to play it. The search cards take major hit so searching draw support cynthia, lillie, erika and Green's exploration should be more relevant than ever for many decks. As it seems, it shouldn't be too hard for green reshizard to swap nest balls to cherish balls even though you can't search volcanion and keep rocking.

Also searching dedenne gives card even more value for many decks. New naganadel gx looking really promising could mean we are seeing ultra beast based decks running whole plethora of available search cards ultra space, treasure, cherish ballsomething many decks may find difficult to do.

It might be better to focus on useful cards post-rotation as opposed to staples. Too hard to predict staples, but pointing out you might want some Dedenne-GX for the next format?

Kind of obvious. No thanks. Also you can only use the ability one time a turn. I think this is debatable. I would say many deck are having easier time fitting shaymin, due to the fact that many decks don't necessarily want to discard their hand in many cases. However, I would argue that for deck that wants to have raw turbo potential, discarding the hand and drawing fresh six might be even more beneficial, especially if the said deck can use discard pile in any degree.

Fighting weakness itself isn't making the card any worse or better, it depends highly on which decks we are seeing after the rotation. Actually while at the moment we are seeing some fighting techs due to the pikarom being still quite relevant, in many cases the 50 hp added compared to to the shaymin is making big difference especially against weezing.

And finally the once per turn limitation, while making it non spammable, isn't that bad.

2020 Standard Format Announced, Goes Into Effect Before Worlds!

It means that you don't necessarily want to play more than one or two copies of the card, but on the other hand cherish ball coming up in next set I don't think any deck would even want to play more. I would also argue that it wouldn't necessarily be even wise to play multiple of these cards on board in one turn with many of the decks currently and after the format being really capable of hitting easily over dmg.

All in all, yes, I do agree that Shaymin is in many expanded decks better than dedenne, but that is not to say dedenne would be bad card by any means. Emphasis not added, but already present in the original post.It was added to the Standard format in the season. It allows a greater number of expansions than Standard format but is not as unpredictable in card combinations as Unlimited format.

It remains to be seen if Play! Additional expansions are added to the current Rotation three weeks after they are released in the United States.

Starting fromthey were added to the current Rotation on the third Friday in the month of release. If a card in an Expanded-legal expansion is a reprint of an older card, all prints of the card can be played in an Expanded-legal expansion-legal deck e.

All Cards Banned From The Poke'mon TCG Expanded Format

Aquapolis Energy Switch. However, some cards significantly differ in wording between older prints and newer prints e. The exception is cards that have received errata e. Base Set Potion ; all printings of cards with errata may be used in sanctioned tournaments.

Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : TCG tournament format. Personal tools Create account Log in. Language Title Danish. European French. Brazilian Portuguese. European Spanish.This rotation challenges existing players to create new strategies and enables new players to get involved in Play! However, the rotation will not occur until August 15, For other competitions taking place this summer, be sure to check the event's rules and regulations before attending.

Dragon Majesty.

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Starting with the season, cards from McDonald's Collections will be legal in the Standard format if they're functionally identical to a card that is currently legal in the Standard format. New expansions become legal for tournament play on the third Friday of the month they are released. The Expanded format will remain unchanged for the season. Players should double-check what format is being used before choosing a deck to bring to their local events.

Double Crisis. Dragon Vault. Shining Legends. Please note that several cards are currently banned from the Expanded format. You can find the list of banned cards here.

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Your request could not be completed. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. April 18, The Expanded Format for The Expanded format will remain unchanged for the season. Back to News. Trading Card Game Play! Continue Cancel. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter.

The privacy and security policies differ. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Pokemon. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed.The format will go into effect on August 15th. Worlds starts August 16th, so it will follow the new format.


Players will have to think quick on their feet! However, the rotation will not occur until August 15, New expansions become legal for tournament play on the third Friday of the month they are released. Want to join PokeBeach's news team? We're currently looking for TCG news writers, especially those who live in time zones where it's night in America such as Europe. If this interests you, please fill out this application!

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If you're registered and logged inyou can reply to this story's forum thread directly on this page with all of the forum's functionality! DarkMatterGaming "Wait, he's not dead? Whoa, I'm gonna have to find a new deck. DarkMatterGamingApr 18, Lord Goomy likes this. Well, that's an early rotation I need help. Worlds was always the place where we could send our final goodbyes to old cards, and see some overpowered decks. Weird how pokemon chose for this. Nyora A Cat. NyoraApr 18, Gunther Spindler Aspiring Trainer.

pokemon expanded decks 2020

Sooo weird! Worlds will be the first new standard's tournament for everyone! Everybody will be in the dark about what meta expect! Gunther SpindlerApr 18, So im new to the TCGO community and was wondering if i should build standard or expanded decks. I saw that the card choice is much different but besides that i dont know the difference.

Can someone explain it please and recommend which one to build. If both are worth building can you give me situations when to use one over the other. It comes down to how you like to play. Usually, Expanded has a more diverse deckpool, more weird decks, more fun decks, and somewhat faster play.

pokemon expanded decks 2020

Standard is a little slower-paced, and typically more competitive, since it's the format almost all large tournaments use. Right now, Standard is actually really slow, although Zoroark-GX is changing that a little. However, I don't know enough about what's good in Expanded right now to compare them that way.

I used to like Expanded more for three reasons:. My advice would be really simple, but when you have almost no limits to the cards that you can use, it allows some pretty insane combos. There's no absolute best deck, but when you have a lot of synergies between you cards Example: Shaymin-EX and Ultra Balls or RL Ability Marshadow with Delinquentyou'll have an edge over your opponent.

Of course, the more synergies there are, the better the deck is. If you think about it, the main strategic part about PTCG is to set up a proper deck. The rest will be all attaching energies, hitting hard and taking risks Standard stinks only because almost all the cards I like are in expanded and the only card I like in the new format is decideye gx.

I do think standard is a better format though in general. The standard equivalent would be the notorious Mack strike. The expanded format is much more stable and less likely to loss its top decks all the time. I make decks for expanded, keeps the fun part fun and if i get bored and wanna get more restricted and feel more challenged i convert them to standard and adapt.

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Posted March 21, edited. Now I like Standard better, because of three reasons: I like the decks and meta better. Oh my, I really don't have any other reasons.Currently-active category-filter: All. Click Continue to visit PokemonCenter. The privacy and security policies differ. Notice: If you click on the video above, you will leave this site. Load more. Introducing new G-Max Moves! New designs have been added for League Cards! Expansion Pass early-purchase bonus! The people of the Galar region.

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